A few months ago, when I was in the middle of a PCS and in the throes of moving chaos, I shared the concept of “friendating.”

Things have settled down now and I’ve received some great suggestions from fellow milspouses and Call Dibs users across the world. I’ve put together a list of top 6 tips for making your way through the meanderings of making new friends! We’ve been doing it since Kindergarten, right? So we should be experts, right? I actually find it to be quite the opposite, so reading others’ experiences and gathering an arsenal of resources can really help!

Extend your Military Community! Tell your friends and your battle buddies!

  1. Friendating as a Military Spouse
  2. The Ever-Changing Life of a Military Wife: Military Friends
  3. Friendships in the Military – Finding New Friends After PCS Relocation
  4. Make New Friends, But Keep the Old
  5. Army Wives Club: Meet Other Army Spouses/SOs
  6. Not So New Normal: Only For a Season

Keep the ideas and suggestions coming! I’ll continue to update and share more resources as they come.

Happy Friending!

Erica McMannes  Dir. of Promotions Call Dibs/Adjacent Apps

Erica McMannes
Dir. of Promotions
Call Dibs/Adjacent Apps