BRATS on the Move: Tips for PCSing with Children

We have PCS’d 5 times in the last 8 years, and 3 of those moves have been with small children. (Wow, does that thought make me want to run to the liquor cabinet.) Ten months after our last move, I finally have my head together enough to share some tips that make it a bit easier to handle a PCS while your “helpers” shadow you during those weeks surrounding the move. (Or at least keep your happy hour to after naptime.)


Things to Prep

Remember that TLC show where the people had big tarps on their lawn to separate all their stuff into “Keep”, “Sell”, and “Donate” piles? That’s you right now. Obviously keep the things your child still uses and likes, as well as those a future sibling might need. But that ridiculously loud battery operated nose sucker you tossed in the garage to hide? You won’t miss it. Is your last baby going to outgrow the swing in a month anyway? Sell it now. Use CALL DIBS to sell or give away the stuff you won’t need. Consider donating some of your books and easily cleaned toys to charity, to your pediatrician’s office or a Caribou Coffee kid corner (love those).

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We’re looking for a few great military Spouses!

Call Dibs Monterey Team


Erica (Chief) – Army Spouse

Jaclyn (Deputy) – Navy Spouse

Rebekah – Army Spouse

Heather – Navy Spouse

Stephanie – Army Spouse

The Call Dibs Ambassadors of Monterey, CA encompass a special combination of five military spouses, who each bring insight through their various branches, years of experience, educational backgrounds, and individual talents. The strong common bond amongst us all – We are all military families. Our dynamic lives are accustomed to relocating, starting over, and making the best of any situation.

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Welcome to Call Dibs

Call Dibs is a military-exclusive mobile market place.

Why is it just for you? One word, Trust. The values and principles, which we were raised on, are unique to our culture. Because of this, our goal is to create a marketplace which will provide a sense of security through transparency, affiliation, and verification.

We’ll be launching, what is referred to as, a minimum viable product (MVP) on 1 June 2012. From there, Call Dibs will evolve into what you, the customer, wants it to become. Our team has done an amazing job of creating a strong secure backend to include a simple user experience, which will make posting and calling dibs on items easy.

We thank you for your continued service to our great country, and the Call Dibs team looks forward to providing you the best possible service.


Anthony Garcia
Adjacent Applications, CEO










Sign up

When creating a Call Dibs account, one has to select an affiliation to become a member of our community. This basic, but important information will be transparent to all members of Call Dibs. It will also make the in-person transactional experience comfortable and possibly make a new friend.

Current User Validation:

Although a military affiliated email is not required to enter the Call Dibs community, weencourage members with U.S. Military email addresses, to create their account using such. This information will provide you 100% validation for future benefits of being a member of the Call Dibs community. Once you have signed up, feel free to change your email to your preferred civilian email address. The Call Dibs team guarantees your information and email will not be used for any purposes other than validation.

For our next update, if you signed up with a military affiliated email, or you personally provided an email to a Call Dibs Ambassador, your profile will say “Verified User”.

Future Validation:

Will be simple, fast, and will not require meeting or contacting a Call Dibs Ambassador.

The Call Dibs team is working hard to provide an iron clad means of military community validation – without a DD214, Military ID, or any other sensitive material. This feature will be available in the near future, and will provide verified users peace of mind they are interacting with like minded members. This validation will also make available a treasure trove of Call Dibs benefits that have yet to be released.

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