Invite a stranger into my house???

Would you invite a stranger into your house?

In general, my answer is no.  If I open the door to solicitors, carolers, or even Girl Scouts, we talk at the door and that’s that. When I used Craigslist, I would always arrange a public meeting and have someone come with me (or at least be on the phone) during the exchange.

However, I recently sold some baby clothes through Call Dibs DC to a male military spouse.  He said his wife was stationed in Monterey, and he was out in DC on business. He was browsing listings for his infant son, and was interested in several of my items. Our schedules really weren’t matching up to meet out somewhere between his job, my kids’ naps, and the awful DC traffic we’d end up sitting in, so I told him to just come over to my house. Then when he arrived, we invited him in for a beer.   Read more >

Important Docs for Military Families

When I married my husband, I found myself in a situation all too familiar to a new military spouse. I needed to navigate Navy life as a newlywed, living on the opposite coast from my hubby. He was deploying from a unit on the East Coast, but my job and support system were on the West Coast. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that not being better informed inadvertently made more work for both of us than was necessary. I’m writing this in the hopes of curtailing some of your frustrations, so that you may learn from my misfortune.

I encourage you to get the items listed below organized and keep them in your possession when PCS-ing. I have found that by keeping them in an accordion folder vs. a file folder lessens the likelihood that smaller items ie: social security cards will get lost in transit. Also, keeping docs in a small fireproof/waterproof safe can be helpful when PCS-ing by making it easy to grab if you need to evacuate due to hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, or fires. “Fate favors the prepared”  J –Louis Pasteur Read more >

Army Vet responds to The Washington Post “Commissary Ketchup” article

Balad, Iraq 2005 Brewmaster 04

Balad, Iraq 2005 Brewmaster 04

I’m an Army Veteran and CEO of an early stage startup that supports the military family. I served 8 years as a Dustoff Pilot and Medical Service Corps officer – two separate one-year tours to Iraq. I was also born an Army brat to a father who served 21 years. My father was fortunate to never see combat. The military was my life for 31 years and now I serve the military as a civilian.

Does the military need to make cuts? Absolutely. Where should the cuts be made? I have no idea. My hope is that the professionals, in D.C., will take the right actions for the good of this nation. I believe we are all in this together – the men, women, and family members who have served, as well as our civilian counter parts. My thoughts, from this article, address opinions that were directed toward my military family. I believe the commissary was a platform to express a broad opinion by some citizens who have never served or don’t know anyone who has ever served.  Read more >


CamoI don’t know about you, but I love coffee. I usually drink decaf, but I still need that cup in the morning to get my rear in gear. Of course, that was always something I overlooked in my early PCS days, and cranky was not a good color on me mid-move.

No more! We have finally crafted our PCS bin (66 qt) that fits nicely in the car and has everything we want for those few days (or a ridiculous month and a half, as we had to wait on a recent PCS). If you’re flying, I would totally sacrifice a suitcase of clothes to include this as one of my checked bags (just remove the necessities, pack carefully, and duct tape it shut).  Of course you can hit the store once you arrive, but it’s things like these you may not think of, and it’ll save you from having to go BACK to the store every 5 minutes to get yet another phone charger.

  • Necessities

    • medical records, identification (birth certificates, ss cards, passports), marriage license – to prove you belong to this travelling zoo

    • orders and HHG paperwork from the moving company Read more >

PCS Proof: Military Spouse Marketability Part II

Finding a new job isn’t easy.  Add to the regular challenges the transient lifestyle of a military spouse.  It’s not always as glamorous as our civilian friends might think.  Case in point: the dreaded job hunt. There are many challenges that military spouses face when it comes to resumes and interviews, as discussed in our previous blog ie: Frequent PCSes, a lapse in employment to raise children, living abroad  where licensing or language barriers were an issue. Whatever your challenge, there are a few simple ways to give your resume a face lift and capitalize on the amazing experiences you have been privy to as a military spouse.   Here’s what we think you need to know in order to put your best foot forward.


  • Keep it simple:  Your resume is the first thing a potential employer is going to see when you are being considered for a position.  Choose a simple, straightforward font and easy to follow formatting.
  • Update your email address:  Are you still rocking your email address?  Time for a change.  That may work socially, but it’s a good idea to get a slicker, more professional email address to handle correspondence with potential employers.  Move over cutiepie, has arrived. Read more >

PCS Proof: Military Spouse Marketability Part I

Finding employment after each PCS can be a very real challenge for military spouses. In particular, basic job requirements like interviews and resumes can make it difficult to obtain employment (find a job), especially for those families with multiple PCS’s that affected employment continuity. Perhaps you’ve even taken a break from your professional field in order to focus on raising your children, or were stationed abroad. I’m sure many of us can personally attest to how difficult this process can be.

For me, becoming a Navy wife brought many changes to my career ambitions as a Trauma/Surgical ICU Nurse. I look back and recall my innocent expectations to easily transfer my skill-set from one location to the next, only to find this wasn’t the case once we reached our first duty station as a family. Regardless of the circumstances, the transient military lifestyle can seriously impact the job search for military spouses. However, you can take a few simple steps to assist you in this process and help you to avoid some of the obstacles others before you (including myself) have faced.

Through my own experiences, I’ve discovered some do’s and don’ts to consider, including resources that can reduce re-licensing / re-certifying costs when moving to a new state. Whatever your challenge, here’s what we think you need to know in order to put your best foot forward.

Read more >

Our Hearts are with Oklahoma


Home is Where the Military Sends You.  It sent our family to Norman, OK in 1981. The Army sent my dad to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma (OU).  Almost two decades later, in 1998, I attended OU to follow in my dad’s footprints.  The spring of 1999, during finals week, Moore, OK experienced the infamous May 3rd Tornado.  I lived on the 11th floor of Walker Tower and was evacuated that evening to the basement.  With the recent tornado in Moore, I’m reminded of all the feelings we had that spring night: Fear, sadness, awe… how could Mother Nature do something so amazing and devastating, so quickly?

Read more >

Call Dibs Hackathon

hackathonPic1A Hackathon (for all of us NON-Techie types) is defined in this link by wikipedia, as an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. For the past two weeks, the Call Dibs tech team has been conducting a NON-STOP hackathon in honor of  National Military Appreciation Month. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the Call Dibs tech team, the Hackathon produced some exciting new additions to the Call Dibs App and Web App for our military community.

These New Additions Include:

  • Liking – Items you “like” provide positive feedback to sellers of items. If you like an item you will remain anonymous to the seller, but the seller can see how many likes they have.
  • Watching – Watching items will let you know if an item has changed in price or if new information was added or updated. By watching an item you will also be notified if other people are interested. You and others will remain anonymous when watching.
  • iOS Listing Detail – will streamline and enhance the user experience. Read more >

May is Military Appreciation Month!!

MNMAPic1In 1999 Senator John McCain introduced legislation to designate the month of May and National Military Appreciation Month.  May 2013 includes Loyalty Day (May 1), Victory in Europe Day (May 8), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 10), Armed Forces Day (May 18), and Memorial Day (May 30).


Though we at Call Dibs celebrate our Military EVERYDAY, we wanted to take some time to provide our users with some resources, discounts, and words of appreciation for all you do for our country.

Being an Army Brat myself, my life has always been filled with a sense of pride. Not just for what my dad was doing for our country, but because of what our country stood for across the world.  We at Call Dibs want to thank all the parents, family members, friends, and neighbors who have supported our country over the years.

Ways to Celebrate:

  • Volunteer or visit your local VA Hospital to honor veterans from past conflicts.
  • Send gifts, care packages or donations to our military loved ones via the Exchange.
  • Send an email or ecard to a military brother or sister.
  • Take time to also thank a Military Spouse or Military Child for their service with a random act of kindness.
  • Give gratitude, donate and celebrate!  Many of our military friends and family need support and a simple gift could do wonders!

Discounts & Deals:

For more details on NMAM 2013, visit their website.


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