Soldier to Civilian: Networking As a Veteran

When I left the military in 2007, my next move was business school. As a fresh veteran I knew little about the private sector, let alone business. What I learned one short week after arriving was that networking is everything.

Networking can be unusual and unnatural for soldiers. We do little of it in our military careers. For the most part, our OER and NCOERs (military performance appraisals) speak for our professionalism and experience. The Army and sister branches rely on this system, in my opinion, for these three reasons:

  1. Efficiency – The Army is the largest organization in the world with an enormous Human Resources challenge.
  2. Continuity – If everyone operates under the same grading system, with all soldiers given equal opportunity to succeed (shine), promotions and job assignments should be fair.
  3. Community – When we enter the service we’re designated to a career within a specific branch or corps. In short, everyone will eventually know each other or be one degree away from knowing each other before long.

This system is designed to practically eliminate the need to network the way our counterparts do in the private sector. So where does that leave veterans as they transition into the civilian workforce? Read more >

Call Dibs and FRG Fundraising!

I have to say, amongst all the responsibilities as an Family Readiness Group (FRG ) leader, fundraising was the thorn in my side. I know it is necessary to support families and host events for morale – but it’s really difficult!

Current technology, social media connections, and combining the local advertising power of Call Dibs, can aid FRG leaders with raising funds for welcome home parties, care packages, and hail and farewells.

Below are three AMAZING fundraising ideas to cut out the stress! But you also have to follow these three steps:

  1. Contact the companies highlighted below by creating an account and creating your product (That’s the time consuming part!)
  2. Post your product/campaign on Call Dibs. Share the Call Dibs link to FBTwitter, and also email everyone on your email rosters!
  3. Sit back and let Call Dibs work for you! (That’s the easy part!) Read more >

5 Ways to Use Call Dibs Daily

Humans are creatures of habit and checking Call Dibs every morning has become a part of my daily routine. It’s a habit. As part of the first military community to ever use Call Dibs, I have seen people use it in some pretty incredible ways. So here are 5 tips for Call Dibs in your daily life that maybe you’ve never thought of before.

Read more >

Help us Grow our Call Dibs Military Community!

Moving from San Antonio, TX to Palo Alto, CA... packed up and realizing I can't fit everything in my tiny car... so I tossed some stuff.

Moving from San Antonio, TX to Palo Alto, CA… packed up and realizing I can’t fit everything in my tiny car… so I tossed some stuff.

The concept of Call Dibs was born from all the times I PCSed when I was in the Army. I moved and put my household goods into storage nine times over the span of an eight-year career. During each transition I gave away or threw away hundreds of dollars worth of good stuff. What a waste!

From the very beginning of Call Dibs, we have had one community in mind – the military service members, their families, and veterans of the U.S.


  • We'll verify active military, veterans, military spouses, and DoD Civilians

    We’ll verify active military, veterans, military spouses, and DoD Civilians

    Verified Community Members: Our community desires TRUST that we are buying and selling with someone within the military community. By late Fall we will be rolling out a verification system that will allow users to verify their affiliation without faxing us a copy of paperwork or a visual inspection of their ID card. Call Dibs is not a group in which you’ll need to keep requesting access. Call Dibs is your community and you will always have access to it, regardless of where you PCS or how many times you find yourself in a new location. This feature will release in Nov 2013 Read more >

Call Dibs: A Culture of Community

Adjacent Apps is a company founded on a strong culture of community. CEO Anthony Garcia, an Army Vet, was groomed for military life and his career as a Dust Off Pilot during his childhood as an Army Brat.  After transitioning to civilian life Anthony still felt a pull to his military roots and the deep sense of community that accompanies this lifestyle.  He wanted to give back to the community that had given so much to him: an exciting childhood, a successful career, and a bright future.  The idea for Call Dibs was born from this desire.  Anthony recognized that military members and their families needed a way to ease frequent transitions and to find and interact with one another with peace of mind.  He developed Call Dibs to be the solution. Anthony has put together a team of devoted and talented technical minds to develop the Call Dibs App.  Throughout development he’s consistently elicited the input and first hand experience of military spouses to market Call Dibs. The Adjacent Apps team has become a family and a unique community all its own.

Read more >

Friendating as a Military Spouse

It’s not in the Webster’s dictionary and it’s not even in the Urban Dictionary. So let’s define it. Generation upon generation of military spouses can tell you exactly what it is…they may just not realize it yet. Friendating: v. The awkward, yet often necessary, process of making new friends in the military community.

FriendatingI PCSed just 4 weeks ago, at the same time a friend from 3 duty stations ago was PCSing too. Her Facebook post hit home and sent me into a frenzy of “oh my gosh I have to make new friends again” distress.  Finding new friends every 2 – 3 years is like a long string of really healthy relationships that experience an involuntary severance.  It’s hard. It’s sad. Maybe even a few tears with a lot of heartache. These are friends who you learn to depend on and who totally get you and what’s going on in your daily life and then POOF! orders start spilling out of your printer and you know it’s about to start all over again. Read more >

My Life as a Parent in 7 Everyday Occurrences

My kids are 5, 3, and 2.  No day is dull, but some are a bit more mind-boggling than others.  Yesterday was one of those days when there were several seemingly premeditated moments that annoyed me at the time, but lost some of the spiciness after the day was over. There were also a couple cute ones that I brushed off in the moment, but that seemed much sweeter after bedtime. … Read more >

Top 10 Resource Pages for Mil Spouses

As military spouses,  we often hear that there are “tons of resources” available to us. However, finding them and determining which are the most helpful can be challenging. Through our efforts to provide Call Dibs to military families across the globe, our Call Dibs team of MilSpouses has come across some incredibly helpful and very entertaining websites and blogs along the way.

We’ve compiled this list of some sites and blogs that we’ve come to know and love. Some of them mainstream, and others off the beaten path, but all with content pertinent to our lives as military spouses.

Hope you find something that suits you, and please feel free to add any that you like to our comments section, so we can share!

1. FB Group: Oh, the Places We Go

A group for the military community to connect with each other and help one another navigate new places and the military lifestyle. The wall is full of questions and answers about specific duty stations, figuring out Tricare and Space A flights, available homes for sale/rent, tips and tricks for PCSing, and much more.

2. SpouseBuzz

Part of, SpouseBuzz is a collection of military spouse bloggers.  They write about our lifestyle, issues and problems in our community, and hold an annual summit in Washington, D.C., to make connections to all the different branches and experiences to continue building their site. Read more >

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