Mary has been married to an active duty service member for over 21 years, and their family has quite a few moves under their belt!

“I’ve moved over 15 times, and our oldest finished high school (all 4 years) at one duty station after enrolled in 6 schools K-12th grade. Our youngest has been in 4 schools, and now finishing 8th grade homeschooled. Like some homeschoolers, it’s difficult to a) move from your friends, b) homeschool, and c) find a new support group to bond with. We’re still looking at involvement locally.

We’ve found military life is a true blessing to families. The support you get is personalized at different locations, some better then others. We’ve had and have some fabulous friends due to our locations in the military.

Some family members don’t understand our benefits, our blessings. For instance our son received the post 911 GI bill for college, and he doesn’t have a clue how blessed he is compared to other students on campus.

Our daughter is involved in a girls’ organization, like Girl Scouts, that has some homeschooled, and some military gals, too. Very accepting to new girls. We were blessed, thanks to the Internet, to find Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV), and were able to discover a homeschool support group on the local base and also in our town. We are also a part of Immanuel Bible Home Educators Group, which offers many activities like State Geography and International Nights, father-daughter dance, mother-daughter tea, playdates, computer classes, etc. all free with active participation.

It’s hard when a teen has to leave their friends, starting again in a new neighborhood, school, church, life. Even myself have noticed this past move, after living somewhere over 4 years is difficult.”