No matter how old you are, if you are a Military Brat, answering “where are you from?” doesn’t get any easier. It’s because of the connection we have with our military community, rather than where we live. I was born in Indianapolis, moved around the Midwest, lived in Germany, and went to high school in San Antonio. I don’t have family in Indiana because my dad was just stationed there. It’s not really my hometown. You get the point! Yet 33 years later, I traveled to Indianapolis for work and visited the home my parents lived in when I was born. Never thought I’d have the chance to do that!

As Military Brats (or military kids), we get excited when we meet one of our own, another person who grew up amid diverse and ever-changing environments. A blog earlier this year suggested that BRAT stands for Bravery, Resilience, Adaptability, and Tolerance. I feel that’s true and yet just a piece of who we are as brats, around the globe. We bring these traits to our work, our family, and the organizations we’re a part of. We aren’t afraid to take ourselves out of our comfort zone and try new things. We now teach our children what we learned overseas or how we pay respect when the National Anthem and Taps are played.

Last year I joined the group: You’re Probably a Military Brat If…  on Facebook. Most notifications and comments bring back a memory: stories of parents, duty stations, German treats, and lost friendships fill the newsfeed daily. A recent post about our ability to detach from relationships and places can be deemed as both a positive and negative characteristic of our community, but reminded me that there is always an understanding and sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

Now that we’re grown up and have become professional movers, I’ve appreciated these Facebook pages as a way to reconnect. Call Dibs has also allowed me to connect with other Brats as people have placed in their User Profile that they are an Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine or Coast Guard Brat. I feel safer selling my items with others who’ve been a part of my military community. They know the pains of moving and the value of a good deal!

So stay connected, enjoy all the memories and stay strong. Home TRULY is “Where the Military Sends You” and now with technology, there’s no excuse not to celebrate with each other – whether it’s comparing how many moves you completed or how special it was to have an ID card!!!


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Kristin Garcia is a Consultant for Adjacent Applications Inc. and Army Brat.  She was born in Indianapolis, IN while her father was stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison.   She received her BBA from the University of Oklahoma and MAA from the University of the Incarnate Word.  She currently serves as a Mentor Trainer for Western Governors University in Austin, TX.