Adjacent Apps is a company founded on a strong culture of community. CEO Anthony Garcia, an Army Vet, was groomed for military life and his career as a Dust Off Pilot during his childhood as an Army Brat.  After transitioning to civilian life Anthony still felt a pull to his military roots and the deep sense of community that accompanies this lifestyle.  He wanted to give back to the community that had given so much to him: an exciting childhood, a successful career, and a bright future.  The idea for Call Dibs was born from this desire.  Anthony recognized that military members and their families needed a way to ease frequent transitions and to find and interact with one another with peace of mind.  He developed Call Dibs to be the solution. Anthony has put together a team of devoted and talented technical minds to develop the Call Dibs App.  Throughout development he’s consistently elicited the input and first hand experience of military spouses to market Call Dibs. The Adjacent Apps team has become a family and a unique community all its own.

By launching Call Dibs in Monterey, CA, Adjacent Apps had the unique opportunity to reach all branches of the military at one location. Monterey is the home of The Naval Post Grad School, Fort Ord, and the Defense Language Institute.  Access to Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines in one area provided a great platform to launch our first app for the military community.  It also allowed a way to bring together a team of Call Dibs military spouses that represent nearly every branch of the military. Check out our  Call Dibs Team Bios Here.

This sense of community is also the “thing” that sets Call Dibs apart from other online exchange and selling sites.  The Call Dibs App is a fast and user-friendly way to buy, sell, and exchange your goods within your military community no matter where you and your family serve. However, it also is a way to meet someone new, see our blog Invite a Stranger in my House??

The Call Dibs App user profiles allow you to see who your dealing with both on the buying and selling end. Check out our blog to learn how to Put Your Best Face Forward: Creating Your User Profile

And lastly, Call Dibs will be leading the way in verifying military affiliation without requiring DOD or SS numbers as we launch our one of a kind verification process. We’re continuing to do our part to ensure that you’re transacting exclusively with other members of your military community. To do your part in starting the verification process visit this link: Call Dibs User Verification

Call Dibs App may have been started as an app used to buy, sell, and exchange goods, but it has the potential to be a catalyst for establishing a greater sense of community within our military family and this potential is only beginning to be realized. I myself am proud to be apart of the Call Dibs family and am excited about the road that lies ahead as we help to unite our military members and their families across the globe.

Jaclyn Hughes Director of Public Relations

Jaclyn Hughes
Director of Public Relations

Jaclyn Hughes

Adjacent Applications/Call Dibs Director of Public Relations, full time Navy wife of three years, and mom of one girl (20 months). She has taken a hiatus from her career as a trauma/surgical ICU nurse, and currently works from home for Call Dibs. She owns and operates her own photography business: VIVA VIDA photography. Our in house guru, Jaclyn, is a hot yoga enthusiast and instructor. She is involved in Holistic Moms Network and holistic living. She and her family have been stationed at 32nd St. Base, San Diego; Monterey, CA; and currently Newport, RI.